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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is a very important day for lovers all over the world. Shopping for your sweet heart can be a challenge sometimes, but most stores have a Valentines Day section to help you out. Jewellery is always a good choice for a gift. Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend. Rings, Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charms are good choices to consider.

Flowers are also a nice Valentines Day present. Anything pink or red, usually roses or carnations are best for that special day. Gift baskets can also be a good idea. You can fill them up with things you choose, or buy pre-made ones. Gift baskets can vary from food products, bath accessories, and candy. Or even jewellery as well.

A card is also a must. It shows your feelings for one another, by using words and pictures. Choosing a card is fun because you can either get a blank one and write your own poem, or getting one that has a saying already on it.

Candy is good too, since of course chocolate is a way to ones heart. If you don’t have money to spend, why not make a home made present for the love of your life? Such as a card, dinner, or even gets some beads and make your own bracelet.


History and Meaning of Saint Valentine’s Day

The History and the Meaning of Saint Valentine’s Day goes back to the period of the Roman Empire days. King Claudius was the ruling King at the time. It is thought that it began in the city of Rome. It was a celebration to pay tribute to Rome’s queen of the Roman Gods. The Lupercalia feast was happening the following day but the night previously, just the young ones could be together. This was the only time, any other they had to remain separated. Some believe this was the concept that began Valentine’s Day.

Another theory says there was a martyr that came from the Christian faith, who willingly went to his death to give the gift of love. It was not for any one in particular but for all humanity. It was in the name of everyone’s pain and suffering that he offered his love. They swear he was named Saint Valentine.

This day is the one special day that we say, I love you, and in anyway that out heart chooses to express it. How great is that.